Combined 3D dual long-throw lens (long throw) and polarising filter system for SRX-R320

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معرفی LKRL-A003 PACK

مشخصات LKRL-A003 PACK

Cinema owners can respond easily to customer demand for 3D presentation with this ‘3D pack’ that includes a dual long-throw lens and polarising filters for use with the Sony SRX-R320 4K Digital Cinema Projector.

When configured with the 3D lens and filter pack, Sony 4K Digital Cinema projectors show two images simultaneously that are viewed by audiences wearing polarising glasses. Unlike ‘triple-flash’ systems that rapidly present different images to each eye in turn, this eliminates flashing effects that may distract some audience members when viewing fast-paced action scenes. The result: a bright, immersive, spectacularly natural 3D experience that audiences love.

Please note: this Sony 3D polarising system is optimised for use with Sony SRX-R320 4K projectors only. It is not backward compatible with the SRX-R320